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Your Most Influential Product Advocates

Brand promotion is a crucial factor in the social expansion of a product.  You need to advertise your product to get a better foothold in market.  There a lot of ways to echo your brand in market. Brand advocates can be found in various roles .They can support by sharing their favorites in social media, producing remarkable content in the favor, spread positive word of mouth, eager to give latest feedbacks that are filled with appreciation etc.

Now, with the avalanche of digital revolution, there are aroused many ways to promote your product. Television ads, brand promotions in the internet, social media, etc have brought a   big difference in crafting the brand equity.  Marketers have categorized some of the most influential type of brand /product advocates so that the brands could recognize them utilize them for increasing ROI

Brand Ambassadors: – If one of your most preferable sports icon is following Adidas, you will definitely be inspired. This techniques works and is used by most of the brands, for their product promotion.

Direct Consumers – A Positive word of mouth and appreciation is one of the greatest source of product promotion. Once your customer is convinced, he or she will definitely recommend your product to  its vicinity and so on. Thus its important to give best services to the customers to have word of mouth recommendation through them.

Online Recommenders:- Online Recommenders are those, who give reviews and comments regarding the product description. Online marketing is gaining strength and before purchasing product, people first prefer to do their homework b studying its feedbacks and reviews available online. Here comes the role of Online Recommenders. With influential feedbacks, they can drive much significant traffic to your brand.

Social Media:- Is its importance unknown? Of course not, it’s the most powerful tool today which bring multiple advantages all together. It brings more and more internet traffic and help improving Research Engine ranking, help in viral marketing by promoting products through likes and comments . Judicious use of social media can bring you closer to your end consumers