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How To Successfully Optimize and Monitor Secondary Sales

How To Successfully Optimize and Monitor Secondary Sales

With the horizons of business expansions, there are many businesses which have now a larger field force working at multiple locations. Direct dealing with the retailers/distributors, collecting feedback, delivering or taking back the products, and taking and updating orders are some of the major activities that are done by them. The major crux lies in managing and monitoring them continuously to get almost real-time information and avoid any kind of issues.

For the success of the organization, there is a certain kind of disciplinary monitoring that must be stringently done. Hence, automation becomes more than necessary within field sales and business operations. There must be seamless two-way communication to keep up the rapport and updated information flow.

Comprehensive and powerful field force management software plays an important role in managing field force, and maximizing revenue, and productivity by a large margin. SalesBabu’s “DMS” empowers companies to get relevant information from the field force, keeping an eye on each of their doings, updating with instant alerts and notifications, apprising with sudden order changes and so on. You can sell smarter and faster with our DMS.

Information & Quick Response Time- Closing the Gaps

High competition, lengthy sales cycles and expanding sales force together can be a dreadful plight. The more effort you put to streamline your sales, the more likely you are to feel frustrated by reduced productivity. Instead of slogging in for more hours, consider how you can get the same job done in less time. The idea is simple and easy, take steps to work smarter instead of harder. And when it comes to sales, there is no better way to accelerate things than implementing Sales Force Automation Software.

SalesBabu’s field automation software eliminates time-consuming tasks. As an output, your sales professionals get freed up from the monotonous, repetitive behind-the-scenes work. They are enabled to do what they are best at, i.e, Selling.

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Today, FMCG companies are finding it difficult to manage the team efficiently especially when the real-time information of the secondary sales is not documented well. It involves so many different variables, that it takes a significant amount of time to keep track of all the unpredictable changes that could occur at any given period of time. Delays, miscommunications and incomplete or incorrect information inevitably plagued many companies in these situations.

Companies looking to optimize and monitor their secondary sales know that to sustain growth in existing markets and propel into new geography; having the right Sales & Distribution sales automation software is crucial. A cost-effective field force automation system which comes in-built with key sales and distribution business features like Order Processing, Stock Management, Order Tracking, and Sales Forecast Analysis and offers real-time business intelligence which can help businesses to curb several sales challenges.

We have observed various challenges faced in secondary sales management. Some of them are listed below – 

1> Filling Out The Gaps

Companies that have large field forces face challenges like tracking sales activities, communicating vital information, collecting and validating data etc. Above all, managing a huge retailer and distributor chain is a tedious task, and sometimes companies do not have the right resources to handle these challenges.

Lack of real-time information can lead to massive loss both in terms of time and resources, since, gaps are not known and hence; there is a mess of data, errors in orders, inaccuracy in reports, slip-ups in orders processing and so on.

Solution: SalesBabu’s DMS simplifies and streamlines your secondary sales processes and increases sales visibility till your product is finally bought by the end customer. Integrating sales and distribution software within the system will offer seamless visibility across your sales channels and enables you to track sales on-field activity and gauge their individual performances, thus empowering you to make informed decisions on time always.

2> Manage Orders, Schemes & Discounts From One Place

Lack of real-time information on orders as well as not being able to communicate the ongoing “Discounts & Schemes” for various products to the field force can pose difficulty for any administration or middle management staff. This affects productivity and the entire sales cycle slows down.  Promoting, encouraging,  & inspiring through promotions & deals have been an integral part of sales & marketing strategies.

Solution: The robust features of field force automation software lets you update any kind of changes within the order. SalesBabu’s DMS software comes equipped with the built-in feature of “Instant Notifications & Alerts”.

Within your system, by integrating our DMS application you can easily and smartly communicate with your field force. Field staff can get immediate alerts and notifications about stocks, unavailable products, discounts, special offers etc. In the order, you can make changes, and update if there is an immediate requirement to fulfil or wish to apply deals & discounts to a specific category of products.

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3> Tracking & Monitoring Secondary Sales Is A Necessity

In today’s competitive marketplace, the organization whose team has access to the most updated and actionable information in the field will get more business. The team which is unable to capture accurate information in real-time from the field thus faces lots of challenges.

A typical scenario includes a lack of coordination between the on-field workforce and the operation manager which continues to be a constant struggle and challenge. Manually transferring information from the paperwork collected in the field can lead to errors and duplicate entries.

Solution: By enabling your field force staff to capture data in real-time using “SalesBabu’s DMS software” which is directly synced to your cloud server you can:

  • Get a 360-degree view of your field force
  • Tracking of top & least selling outlets
  • Minimizes overall sales realization & processing time
  • Measure real-time accurate sales data
  • Reports & analytics to get the visibility of the sales

4> Generates Real-time Reporting & Analytics Which Brings Boon To The Time Results

Traditionally, sales have been on the road which included lots of face-to-face communications and queries.  Further, sales on the road involve an unpleasant lot of paperwork and data entry once a salesperson comes back to the home office.

Solution: With our DMS application you can generate monthly/custom-defined sales reports. Having access to valuable data in real-time is crucial to making decisions and course corrections with agility and speed. SalesBabu’s distribution management system software provides you with real-time reporting & analytics as well as access to “out of the box” reports for sales and sales personnel which will aid your businesses with important data which is necessary for quick decisions.

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How Companies Can Benefit By Implementing SalesBabu DMS Software?

At SalesBabu Business Solutions, our experts understand that a powerful enterprise mobility solution needs to solve your problems effectively and that’s why we have employed the industry’s best practices and blended them with our own strategic and innovative approach to the problems.

SalesBabu’s DMS – sales force automation software converges with your sales team’s interests. With a sales team that is equipped with “a cloud-based DMS application, you can:

  • Efficiently mobilize your resources 
  • Monitor your team as they do fieldwork
  • Prevent data loss
  • Minimize duplicity and errors
  • Flawless data entry
  • Track fake orders
  • Monitor payment collection information on a real-time basis
  • Monitor the flow of Schemes and Discounts
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