How To Build A Better Sales Team : Sales Evolution 2013

better-salesteamAs A CEO, you might be overwhelmed with a stressful schedule. Might be working till late in office, waking up late, reaching office at midday, and going straight to your cabin and get busy in work. Only formal meetings with high designated sales team members, no much healthy interaction with fresh and little old joinees. If your schedule matches the description, tyen you should be alarmed and should change your work habits as soon as possible. These type of work practice cultivation is somewhat making the today’s corporate environment more or less an inanimate workshop. The workplace seems shows lack of enthusiasm and zeal, because of just work without a proper interaction, proper communication and proper fun and rejuvenation inside the office. Such type of business practices are seen in a small to medium organizations. Where the work stress is high and resources are limited, and the large amount of work needs to be completed within a short deadline. But the ultimate goal of every business is to maximize revenue, and all these processes are somewhere decelerating the revenue generation in one way or the other. So what should be the correct strategy towards revenue amplification? What are the best practices to follow to build a better team? What are the perfect tips to be a perfect CEO…. Let’s read here…

Say “Hello” To Your Sales Team Mates

Just these formal greetings, saying “hello”, “good morning”, “All the best”, ”how’s your health now”  helps in starting a great conversation ahead, can build a better bond between the Boss and subordinates and can removes the biggest barrier to the organization success: Fear, negligence, workplace stress.

Welcome Your Sales Team Members Openly

Let the people of your organization come to you, exchange greetings and discuss their problems and concerns . Proper professional approach with prompt  response to concerns must be adhered to maintain healthy and cooperative workplace environment.

Do You Celebrate Employee Birthdays???

Celebrating employees birthdays and important festivals in the organization . You can keep organizing some funny and creative activities like motivational & team building exercises within organization from time to time. Generally in organizations, these type of recreational activities are often considered as time waste but in reality, this not only rejuvenates the mind, but also enhances a healthy atmosphere ,ensures team building and drives employee morale and ensures better productivity.

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