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How the CRM software is better than managing Sales manually?

How the CRM software is better than managing Sales manually?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management the concept of a planned and structured means of managing the relations with your customers. CRM tool allows a business to manage customer relationships in a structured and organized way. SalesBabu Customer Relationship Management application enables sales team to register queries, identify qualifying leads, ensure effective follow- up and capture utmost information about customer’s requirement.

How the software is better than doing manually?

1) Instant Access to Information: With CRM software, the sales & marketing data is available instantly at any point of time.

2) Sharing of Information: The relevant information can be shared across the enterprise at a lightning speed. No telephone calls or Lengthy E-mails to share information.

3) Daily Call Report & Pop-up Alerts : With CRM Software, there’s absolutely no need for any manual filling of the Executives Daily Call Report. It’s just a click of a button. Pop-up alerts reminding the Executives on their Activities, reduces their time tremendously

4) Effective Sales Meetings & Track Record: With each and every data available to all the users, the time spent in preparing reports is reduced. Keeping a track of the Activities of your Executives is much more easier and more effective

5) On-Demand Concept: The CRM software is available online, so data entered in one location is instantly available online to the rest of the organization making CRM information immediately available not only down the street, but across the globe. With this Service, each and every User in the Branch Offices, irrespective of their locations, are well connected with their Head Office anytime with just a Web  Browser.

Other features of CRM Software:

1) CRM software is the best Available Sales & Marketing Tool: CRM software is a tool that automates daily sales, marketing and customer support business processes

2) Data Management: Helps in Collecting and Storing large volumes of customer data that can easily be accessed by various members of an organization.

3) Increasing Efficiency: CRM software provides Managers an efficient and easy to use tool to streamline CRM interactions

4) Better Quotation Management: Access to the Principal / Product Information and Sending Quotations made easier

5) CRM in Real Sense: It ensure that customer’s needs are met in a timely and efficient manner

6) Customer Service: CRM enables any type of user or company to take advantage of customer service management.

7) Easy Set-Up: CRM software since it is available online is delivered over the Web which eliminates Installation and you are off and running as soon as you subscribe.

8) Predictable Expenses: Because CRM services operate on set fees, the costs are easily predicted. The low per-user rate eliminates escalating installation and features costs

9) Mobility: The CRM Software application is inherently mobile and the CRM data is available anytime, anywhere just need internet connection.

10) Reduced Overheads: the service provider of CRM software manage servers and provides regular updates on-line, thus reducing your IT costs.

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