Boost your Employee Productivity

A recent survey shows that employee working from home are more productive that employee works in office. In fact, nearly 75 percent of employees in the survey said unless and until they have some important work, they will not go to office. More than 50% of employees prefers to work from home, nearly 8 percent prefers co-working area, coffee shop or other outside location.

Clearly, majority of employee prefer to work from home, as they are more productive there. But it’s not practical for every small organisation to allow its employees to work from home.

Here are some ideas How to boost employee’s productivity:

  1. Hold Few Meetings: Before calling a meeting chalk out the agenda of the meeting. Make a note of the points you need to discuss with your employees. For Essential meetings, use agenda, set time limit. Always keep your meeting short. You can also hold meetings at the times when they are less likely to interrupt.
  2. Cut back on Interruptions:Don’t interfere much in your subordinates work. Clearly give instruction to him once and then wait for result. Give them dead line for work, if they don’t complete it in the, then you need to talk with the employees.
  3. Reduce Distractions:Many of the employees complain that they are not getting proper place to work for, give them space to work like cubicles or partitions so that they get some privacy, or allow them to use headphones to cut down office noise. Always hold your meeting in a closed room, so that the other employees would not get affected by your noise.
  4. Make them Comfortable: More than half of employee in a survey says they are more productive at home because the atmosphere is more comfortable. Giving them lounge area and comfortable sofas to seat, instead of boring table and chairs, will make them feel more comfortable and they will be work more happily.


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