How Effective Body Language Contributes To Your Success


Effective body language plays a major role in your career growth.  Your Body language talks about your personality, as already a lot many books are published which forecast an individual’s persona on the basis of their gestures and postures. You are preparing yourself for the first interview or to attend a customer, neatly dressed, cautiously carrying all important documents, well prepared, but what communicates in first impression is our body language.

Body language comprises your gestures, postures, voice tone and pitch. Wagging fingers, shaking legs, high pitched voice, crossed arms etc are some of the very common but foul gestures that you must control to exhibit.

Some Most Prominent Gestures To Avoid:

  • ·Tapping foot: – Most often observed, this kind of body language reflects stress, and dullness or disinterest.
  • ·Crossing Arms: – Means you are not responsive or attentive the ongoing conversation. This body language is also prominently seen which should be avoided, especially in the workplace or interview or meeting.
  • ·Pointing fingers: – this is really one of the rudest sign of body language. Pointing fingers sends signals that you don’t respect the other person, or blaming others. This must be avoided during any crucial conversation or negotiation.
  • ·Sitting At the Edge of Chairs: – When do you do such? When you are going first time to a place and little nervous or excited…Well, this is what this kind of gesture says. This reflects your anxiousness. Avoid such gesture while going to an interview or client meet.
  • ·No Face To Face Talks: – Hiding your face while talking or say not putting a proper eye contact is also a negative posture that must be avoided. This reflects that you are not comfortable to the person you are speaking to and are getting nervous.

Tips To Improve your body language:

  • ·Make Minimum Possible Gestures: – Don’t change your body gestures so often.  Keep ourselves calm and composed.
  • ·Don’t point and cross: – Don’t point your fingers towards someone or anyone. Also keep your arms open. Close arms also blocks your conversation receiving ability, as the expert says.
  • ·Keep Your Voice well toned and pitched: – Your voice can create a spell binding effect. With a calm voice, people will be more attracted to listen to you and will be more convinced with your words.

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