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Customer Service Before and After CRM Implementation | SalesBabu CRM

Strengthen Your Customer Service

Customers are lifelines for every business. In terms of revenue and to gain market reliability it is required to treat, serve and care your customers with delight. Customer service is a provision of service before and after sales. Customer satisfaction is a key for any customer service operation. Let’s see how we can add more […] more

Product Setup made systematic

Make your Product Management Easier

“Products” are the items or services an organization sells its customers. Products can be tangible such as your day-to-day commodities or intangible services such as services. When there is a business, then sale of a product or service is done. If we have to define a product, then it can be tangible or intangible-service. But […] more

lead management :

Identify your potential lead source

Leads are the contacts that match the profile of target customers. The best way to increase sales leads is through lead tracking. Lead tracking is a process of documenting and classifying prospective customers based on the individual actions and sales reps touches. Lead tracking is an essential aspect of sales process. It provides information about […] more

Travel Agency CRM Software

Online Travel CRM Software

Previously, most of the small and mid size travel companies  were using Discrete Methods like Excel sheets and word  files to manage their important data but now a day’s travel industry has changed the way they manage customer data. As a Industry itself has become a fast growing sector worldwide. In today’s scenario companies became […] more

education crm software

CRM Software For Higher Education | SalesBabu CRM

Like other business industries, the education industry also focused on acquiring new students and retaining business by providing higher education opportunities to those who are already pursuing their courses. It is as similar as developing a new customer chain and retaining the existing for acquiring new business opportunities; hence we need CRM to manage the […] more