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How to Increase your Sales Order : SalesBabu.com

How to Increase your Sales Order

Are your hard-won sales enquiries falling through the cracks???? There is no point of getting new leads if none or a few will only be converted into sales. Did you know that lead conversion can boost your company’s success with little or no cost at all? According to some studies, It’s not uncommon for businesses […]

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CRM and Lead Management : SalesBabu.com

CRM and Lead Management

CRM and Lead Management “Undoubtedly the most efficient approach to deal with your leads is to use a process that automatically brands you, provides worth to your prospects, follows up with them and sorts out the uninterested ones.” As rightly mentioned, if you have a process which keeps lead management in place, then your business […]

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Cloud computing and CRM software : SalesBabu.com

Cloud computing and CRM software

“Cloud CRM“ is the latest word in the industry today and is rapidly changing our economic and business value. Before we start with the advantages of using a Cloud CRM software, let’s first understand the basics of both the words. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing can be defined as a real time service, hosted […]

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