Stock Management Software

Manage Real Time Stocks

Stock Management Software

SalesBabu CRM stock management software offer facility to manage real time stock controls efficiently and facilitate improved customer service for clients. Through, clear visibility of available stock, you will be able to know when to order, what to order and from which supplier. Using stock management software you can avoid stock outs and mis-management of products. You can manage multiple warehouses with the help of this software.

stock management

Maintain Stocks

Stock management software, enable an organization to keep a track & control their stocks online and access the details anywhere and anytime. Since, you can manage product details and vendor details in stock management software, you may access stock details from single interface.

Less Time Consuming

Manual tracking of stocks in a Store, is very hectic and time consuming task. Stock management software records, product in and out quantity details and keep the stock availability updated in real time. Since the interface is user friendly and easy to access, search for any information takes less time than manual process.

Stock Centralization

SalesBabu stock management software facilitate all product and quantity information stored in one place, by which multiple retailers decreases total costs and increase total profits for the retailers. It enables the organization to have a watch and manage multi location warehouse from one place, very efficiently.

Visibility of Status

It is very important for an organization to know the exact status of its stock time to time. Stock Management Software enables an organization to track the status about an item on the basis of its quantity.

Streamline Warehouse Operations

An organization needs to manage various warehouses, sometimes it could be complicated to coordinate with all of them. Stock Management Software enables an organization to streamline the operations of all warehouses & to make a proper coordination.

Synchronizes inventory levels

Stock Management Software helps an organization to synchronize the inventory levels across all channels, in real time. It supports the sales team in a very efficient manner. Moreover, they can sell according to the available stock in the store.

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