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Introduce Pharma CRM in your Pharmaceutical Company

Online Pharma CRM manages the entire workflow of the pharmaceutical industry vertical. It helps medical representatives schedule their doctor visits, manages doctor details and their appointments, order punch-in, reminders and alerts and much more. Streamline the sales process effectively Complete tracking of Doctor Visits and Dealers Visits Monthly Travel Plan submission Anytime and anyplace submission of DCR( […] more

How to Implement CRM Successfully

SalesBabu CRM, one of the most successful CRM available in the market, we put together few important points towards successful CRM implementation. Regardless of the size of the implementing company, the basic CRM requirements, goals and expectations of improved sale remains same. However, I agree, the complexity of practical implementation, human and process issue may vary. […] more

7 Reasons why you should go for CRM in 2017

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is online software which helps you to track sales activities. In a click one can make detailed customer profile. It helps companies to manage customer relationship process. When company knows more about its customers then they can better manage their relationships. It is easy for sales people to […] more

Use Technology Tools for New Age Marketing

Small business might not be having fat budget for marketing, but they also need to spread their product awareness to increase their sales. Recently, a few major trends have remarkably transformed the way companies engage their customers throughout the sales cycle. The major trends are described below: CRM Tool Customer Relationship Management Software has been emerged […] more

CRM For Education Industry

CRM for Education Industry helps the institute attract and manage corresponding qualified leads more appropriately and improve the conversion rates and reduce the lost opportunity rate Maximise Conversion Rates Improve Admissions and Enrolment details Improve Student Relationship with Institute Store documents received and reminder about pending Documents Track leads sources Track the courses, with most […] more

CRM For Retail Industry

Retail CRM is one solution that every retailer relies on because it is directly linked to the customer and in turn results in better sales and goof revenues Increase channel sales revenues Monitor key metrics such as days of receivables, inventory and capital adequacy. Enable single point partner portals. Garner and incorporate valuable customer feedback […] more

CRM for Sales & Distribution Management

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is becoming integral part of organisations – big or small. To handle high sales volume and manage different stakeholder in the sales process, FMCG companies rely of SalesBabu CRM FMCG edition. Visibility of Primary & Secondary Sales has enabled companies devise strategies for timely delivery of goods to Distributors, Dealers and Retailers enabling. With S&D […] more

4 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity

Do you ever think that you are more productive at home? A recent survey shows that employee working from home are more productive that employee works in office. In fact, nearly 75 percent of employees in the survey said unless and until they have some important work, they will not go to office. More than […] more

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