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Have you register for GST?

Goods and services tax GST will be imposed on goods and services. This process will replace all the different taxes and simplify compliance with them will bring under one umbrella. It will replace the following taxes: (i) Taxes currently levied and collected by the Centre:  Central Excise duty  Additional Duties of Customs (commonly known as […] more

GST : What it means for the Common Man?

Parliament passed bills while all four in GST, the nation’s biggest and the revolutionary tax regime GST (goods and services tax) will soon become a reality. After independence the country boasting the most destructive tax reform as economic growth in the long term from the GST is an integrated tax system to prevent the cost […] more

Customers are a great resource for innovation

Well it is known truth that Sales now a day are not an easy task. Customers are more educated and smarter than they are before. They have access to web-research information; they read testimonials and even read customer complaints. You cannot overrule the possibility that the customer is aware about you and your competitor before […] more

CRM is Free Market Research Tool

In business, if you regularly don’t ask yourself or find out where you and your products and services positioned in the marketing, your customers are soon going to shop with your competitors.  Now you can chose to hire a market research expert or send out questionnaires to a bunch of people, but I do have […] more

How to Select a CRM System

It is a known fact that CRM systems can serve as vital tools for companies of all sizes and industries. The ability to capture, track, and share relevant customer data can bolster revenue, enhance productivity, cut costs, and, if used correctly, improve a customer’s relationship with—and perception of—a company. But for all its advantages, CRM […] more

How to increase the average order value?

When people think of CRM, they think of lots of customer data, leads, customer service, reports and actionable data. In-short for lots of people CRM stands for “Sales”. This powerful data allows you to get more sales for your business. There are three possible ways to increase revenue for your business; Increase the number of […] more

Customer Complaints – Good For Your Business

“30% complaining customer will not do business with you again if their issue don’t get resolved !” Customers are your actual asserts your business and your companies’ bread and butter. Customers are actual ones who pay for your product and services, use the same. If they are getting hard time with your services, your first […] more