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Online CRM for Small Business

Online CRM for Small Business has enhanced the working scenarios at Small Companies to a great extent. Sales Force Automation was a major challenge before some decades that is successfully handled by our techno-giants. The entire business community was longing for a system that could control and monitor the track of sales and marketing activities. […] more

Cloud Based Sales CRM

“Cloud Computing” is the latest buzz word in IT industry and rapidly changing or shaping up the economic and technological value of the businesses. Cloud computing can be defined as an On Demand Service, hosted over a network of computers or internet, access resources of the cloud system from anywhere, from any system using a simple […] more

Efficient Inventory Management System

As we all known’s about complex functioning of Inventory Management, where we require an effective structural purchase planning approach to purchase require raw materials on interval basis. Purchase planning allows manufacturing units to fulfil continuous work orders timely. Effective purchase planning can reduce the overall purchase plan cost and warehouse stock keeping cost and plays an important […] more

Tips to Reduce Cost in Small Business

It has become a challenge for every business to reduce cost of their business without compromising quality of services rendered to their customers. However, if you ask any entrepreneur, they all deep in their hearts have a longing wish to have reduced working cost for their organisation. The company which smartly combine technology and manpower, get enable in taking […] more

Sales Analysis

Sales are the oxygen for the entire business planning and management. A good customer base is the epitome of a well-qualified sales team and elevated sales graph. Sales Forecasting is an important step to make a well planned business strategy. And for a near-to-accurate sales forecasting, complete sales analysis is mandatory. Sales analysis on a […] more

Tips to Improve your Body Language

Effective body language plays a major role in your career growth.  Your Body language talks about your personality, as already a lot many books are published which forecast an individual’s persona on the basis of their gestures and postures. You are preparing yourself for the first interview or to attend a customer, neatly dressed, cautiously carrying […] more

SalesBabu Warranty Management Software

Your customers are important to your business. In fact, no matter what your industry, no matter what your focus, no matter what kind of products or services you offer, your customers are the single most valuable asset of your organization. Customers give your company a sense of purpose and direction. They provide invaluable feedback, and […] more

Improve your Business Profitability

Recently, a few major trends have remarkably transformed the way companies engage their customers throughout the sales cycle. The major trends are described below: Strengthen Your Social Presence: Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter has helped sharing likes, feedback, comments among the social groups. Social media sites are providing a dynamic platform to promote brands. […] more