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CRM Software For Manufacturing Industry

Streamline Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production & Finance Manufacturing has undergone a transformation in this century with advent of new technologies and core competencies moving on to new markets. There is unprecedented demand from emerging markets and collaborative supply models are beginning to evolve. At the same time, the environmental concerns also need to be addressed […] more

Productivity Rules for Employee Efficiency

You should be proactive to make important decisions. Focus on activities that produce the results you really want. Most people are continually in reactive mode. Proactive person grabs the opportunity and don’t wait for long time. Role of Productivity in an organization: Productivity concerns both efficiency and effectiveness. It is essential for the success of […] more

Who Should Use CRM Software?

All SME’s are well known about the Customer Relationship Software functionality and its advantages in their vertical business processes. Sales process is a crucial tier of your business and companies wants to keep a vigil eye on their Sales team and their efforts. As we know there are bunches of CRM in worldwide market, but major thing […] more

Sales Manager’s Skills

Driving sales, coaching & motivating sales team to achieve sales targets are few key role of a Sales Manager. To perform what is expected from him, he should have the necessary skills. When you have great Sales Manager and sales team then your organization can perform well and gain profits. Sales Manager plays an important […] more

SalesBabu Service CRM Software

Many business revolves around not only sales management but also effective after sales service by prompt complaints handling and response. The ever increasing demand of the customer and the necessity to render service at the call has given rise to the need of the hour that is an EFFECTIVE & UNCOMPLICATED after sales service software. […] more

7 practices followed By Successful People

Successful people are role model for everyone. If you want to be successful you should remain calm even under pressure. They don’t surround themselves with negative people and always look for opportunities. Successful people follow these seven practices: They Don’t Use “What If” kind of statements: These are negative statements which only gives worry and […] more

Grow more with SalesBabu CRM Software

With the right tools and strategies every business can grow. SalesBabu Online CRM Software helps you to make your teams more efficient, generate more leads, and increases revenue. Do market research to know the latest trends. Sell more to your existing customers to grow your business fast. Improve your Products and services: If you want […] more