How your customer service should be?

Meeting customer expectation even after you sold your service is really necessary to make long term business planning and for creating your brand. Always try to reach customers expectations. Improve your customer service if you want to improve relations with the customers. Now-a-days there is lot of competition and it is not easy to win […] more

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is coming up as the most effective way of direct communication among people. Facebook, Google plus, twitter, LinkedIn, all these social sites build your social recognition stronger over the web. I read in an article that on an average, more than a 1.90 billion of users get active in Facebook per day, while […] more

How SalesBabu CRM Works

All SME’s are well known about the Customer Relationship Software functionality and its advantages in their vertical business processes. Sales process is a crucial tier of your business and companies wants to keep a vigil eye on their Sales team and their efforts. As we know there are bunches of CRM in worldwide market, but major thing […] more

Fix the problems faced by Customer Service Department

Nurturing relations with the customer is the important part of any business. Business is becoming complex in this competitive time. Customers are judging companies on their services. Every organization should handle complaints efficiently. When you don’t listen to your customers they felt that their problem was not taken seriously. You have to fix customer problems […] more

What is your Company’s working culture?

There should be positive, enthusiastic and energetic work environment. Companies can enjoy the benefits of good environment. They can happily work in the company which also increases their productivity. On a personal level, do exercise regularly, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. Stay focused on what’s important for the growth of the organization. Our […] more

CRM for SME’s Business

We all know SME sector is Vast Business Term which consist very Complex & Micro business processes and to manage the entire functionality, is a quite difficult task. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you to automate your Sales and Service processes. CRM help you to automate and streamline Contact Management, Customer & Accounts Management, Opportunity Management, Customer Sales Order Handling & Processing, Sales Forecast […] more

Leave Impact on your Customers

Being a small business owner it is challenging to run and manage business. Organization of your finances, inventory, time and employees is the key to run business successfully. Always put your focus on customer service because it plays an important role in the growth of business. Starting business is easy but maintaining it is really […] more

Become A Better Customer’s Resource

Customers are important for every organization. Customer satisfaction increases your long term relations. Loyal customers are familiar with your company and brands. Feedback is also important for every company to know where they need to improve. What are the business benefits of CRM? It will be easy to identify customer needs and requirements Enhance customer […] more

Inventory Tracking Software

What is Inventory Tracking? Inventory tracking is a process, which designed to maintain a stock system which not only shows the addition of product to inventory warehouses, but also define the spending on existing inventory. The Inventory tracking normally provides information like, what Product is in stock, what is on order, when it will come and […] more